– On Friday 2 November I will give a presentation about my paintings and the influence of the city during the officewarming of Bureau Design Digitale Zaken. At the office warming there will be a #GovTechTalk with several inspiring speakers.
– Nice podcast on the history of light, on Planet Money. In 1994 William Nordhaus wrote a thesis about the price of light through the centuries. Planet Money made an episode about this in 2014. This episode (534) was repeated this year in honour of the Nobel Prize Nordhaus received. Interesting to see the link with my painting ‘City at Night’.

Exhibitions and work:

– Solo exhibition in Museum Het Schip, Sunday 16 July – Sunday 15 October 2017
170703 uitnodiging het Schip mail los2

170703 uitnodiging het Schip mail los3

Museum het Schip

These paintings will be on show at Museum Het Schip

– Preliminary round Zomerexpo, March 2017


Preliminary round Zomerexpo 2017

– Private exhibition “Stad bij nacht” (“City at Night”) at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, 2014

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

– My Article about 4 painters who participated in the Open Studio Days de Pijp 2009 in Palet magazine (design by Kone advies)

My entry for the VPRO dream city contest, with illustration by Vijselaar en Sixma.

– One of my works is on display in Werkplaats Willemien

– Open studio days 2009: Open Ateliers de Pijp


About the city:
– Beautiful pictures of foxes in the city: Kyle Moore
– Report about urbanization: World Urbanization Prospects (UN)
– Information about the development of populations in cities:
– A wonderful human adaption to the urban environment: Parkour
– Bringing the countryside to the city, agriculture in inner cities: Vacant lot/community gardens
– Tweed traditionally has the image of being the ultimate countrywear. A wonderful adaptation of this fabric, inspired by the colours of the city: Dashing Tweeds


Painting Materials and Painting Aids:

Tesa precision indoor tape. Holds really well on dry oil paint, doesn’t stick too much

– For my most recent series of paintings I use paint rollers of my own making, in order to get a continuous line of the exact thickness that I need, something that can’t be achieved with commercial paint rollers